Now that I’m not completely jetlagged…

Day 2: Sydney, Australia

Woke up at 8am and went for a 10km run through Darling Harbour, The Rocks, Circular Quay and the Royal Botanical Gardens. I hurt my knee a bit last week in LA, and it started acting up again near the end of this run, so maybe I’ll play it cool for a few days.

On McDonalds:

For breakfast I went to McDonalds of all places. They don’t call it “Mickey D’s” — instead it’s “Macca’s”. The food wasn’t the draw — Macca’s has pretty decent coffee and offers free wifi with purchase (but it’s slow and cuts you off after 50MB of traffic, so it’s no good for important stuff).

On meals:

To save money and eat less I’m considering going down to breakfast and dinner, and stocking up on fruit and energy bars for afternoon snacks.

On banking:

I showed up to Westpac to prove my identity and finish opening my bank account. When setting up my online banking the lady explained the rules regarding passwords to me: all passwords must be EXACTLY six characters long, but must contain at least one letter and at least one number. No uppercase letters allowed. No punctuation allowed.


Any other computer geeks getting a case of nerd rage? I normally don’t care too much about computer security (I’ll leave my wifi router unlocked), but passwords that protect MY FREAKING MONEY should be more complex than this. If a bank allows me to choose my own password, it’s always over ten characters long and includes a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, includes numbers, and punctuation symbols.

For people who have no idea why this is important, I’ll just say that if I got to choose my own password, it’d be over 100 billion times more resistant to random guesses than the one I ended up choosing. Just saying’.


On Starbucks:

A venti drip coffee costs over $3AUD.

Went back to Scary Canary for cheap eats, and Ladies Night: drink specials for ANYONE wearing a dress. To encourage participation they were handing out dresses to the guys… they gave me a hideous blue thing you’d expect a fat grandma to wear. I wore it with pride until I’d had my fill of $4 vodka tonics (regular price $6 — win!)



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7 responses to “Now that I’m not completely jetlagged…

  1. Adam's Mom

    Where are the pictures of this? At least the dress matched your eyes! LOL.

  2. Colleen

    Love your blog. Remember to respect your liver and old lady blue dresses — even down under…

  3. Darlene

    Hi there, I’m an old friend of your Aunt Judie and she keeps me posted on all your travels, now I can follow them myself. I really liked your pics from your last trip to Australia so I am looking forward to what you capture on this “trip”.

  4. You can’t say you’ve been to Australia unless you’ve feasted on a hamburger with ‘the works’. It consists of hamburger, cheese, fried egg, beat root, onion, pinapple, ketchup (aka tomato sauce), lettuce, tomato, and mustard. Yummy!!

  5. Grandma

    Love the blog! Take Colleen’s advice about your liver…..have fun. I am so excited for you! Love!

  6. Jackie

    Hahaha the Ozzies in Bali kept saying Maccas and we were so confused. They didn’t believe that we actually called it McDonalds. Sounds like you’ve been off your tits! Is Sydney sick as?

  7. Adam–
    Thank you for the note to Snap + the link to your travel log. I moved to LA two years ago to write and experience a little something “new” in life, myself (I moved from the Midwest–Kansas City to put it on the map)…currently putting a blog together and working on a few different “works.” The bottom line: As a journalism major & writer, myself–this is great stuff. Keep it up! I’ll be following you. ENJOY YOUR ADVENTURES.

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