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Surf Camp Update

In four days at surf camp I’ve logged 16 hours in the water. I have cuts, scrapes, rashes, bruises, sunburned feet and other random ailments from being out in the sun all day getting pounded by the waves.

That said… I LOVE THIS. All we do is surf, eat and sleep. If we’re not completely wiped out from a long day we might play some cards and have a beer before passing out for the night.

I’m getting better with every two hour session, and the thought of stopping now that the four day camp is over makes me sad… so I upgraded to the 14-day program!

Four Swedish girls, a German girl, an English guy and myself will spend the next 10 days traveling up the east coast of Australia with our Aussie guide — hitting up the best spots for surfing and partying.

Sniff you jerks later!



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