Yes, I’m alive!

Some updates:

– I spent a long time hiding in my room here in Melbourne launching a new website, and working on my resume… because…

– It’s time to WORK. Still working on making that happen, but I think I’m ready. Sure, I’ve been saying that for awhile now, but after being a lazy backpacker for a few months, and then being a lazy Melbourne resident for a few months, I could use some activity beyond going to the gym and the pub.

– I miss summer. It’s getting quite chilly here, and the days are short. To make matters worse, I keep getting sick. Little colds here and there, and a nasty sore throat earlier this week. Luckily, we have plenty of hot tea and a fireplace!

– Speaking of being sick and lazy, last month I watched the entire series of The Wire in about ten days. That averages out to around 6 hours of The Wire per day. Not my finest moment, but damn, it was enjoyable. Now I know what everyone else was talking about. Some wonderful characters there, like Stringer Bell!

– It looks like my mom and stepdad are coming to visit in August. I’ll be hanging out with them in Melbourne, then they’ll head to the Great Barrier Reef without me, and then we’ll meet up again in Sydney. This will probably be tame compared to the crazy shit that’s going to go down when YOU come to visit me. You are coming to visit me, right? Yes, you. The one reading this.

– I owe some people some crazy stories… hopefully I’ll be able to get to those soon. Travel-related stuff will still get posted here, but everything else may end up over at


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3 responses to “Yes, I’m alive!

  1. K Per


  2. Alex

    winter sucks. at least it’s supposed to be winter where you are. i’m SUPPOSED to have summer but we keep having random snowstorms oops.

  3. hey, remember me from NV suite back at Mudd?!?!? long time, so see.

    I LOVE THE WIRE!!! that shit was great. i am amazed that you devoured it in such a short period tho; it was super intense, and i needed a day or two after some of the episodes to ponder the character motivations. is it weird that after all that grit and gore, i absolutely adore baltimore?

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