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Leaving Los Angeles

Day 0: Los Angeles, California, USA

My going away party on Saturday the 9th was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who came out to the Red Lion Tavern and the Cha Cha Lounge. You are all wonderful people.

On the 10th I was extremely hungover and went to iO West at Noon for Harold Team auditions, despite the fact that I’m going to be out of town for a few days. 🙂 I have no idea how it actually came across to the fine folks watching the auditions, but in my hungover, Australia-bound state of mind I had no energy to fear or second-guess myself. I had a great time, went home to drink a ton of Gatorade, and pack.

My last day in LA was action-packed. I couldn’t sleep longer than a few hours despite having the opportunity. I killed some time in the morning with one last run around the Silverlake Reservoir and a trip to Starbucks.

A quick aside — I have two Starbucks orders that I mix up based on how hot it is outside. If it’s reasonable out, I get a venti drip coffee — black. If it’s hot, I get a venti iced coffee with skim milk and a few pumps of the sugar free vanilla syrup. Nobody in America finds anything unusual about the latter order, but during my last trip to Australia the Starbucks baristas always giggled and called me out for taking a manly drink and girling it up. Ouch.

Josh and Kat helped me move everything from my room into the U-Haul truck, and then unload everything into the storage unit. To thank them for their hard work I treated them to lunch at Gingergrass. Sake infused pork belly!

I ran over to Carmax to sell my car (bye-bye college graduation present), and then Kat ran me to the bank to deposit the money, watched me pack the rest of my stuff, and took me to LAX. She wins the #1 Helper award!

A surly Air Pacific agent told me that there were upgrades to first class available for purchase for the 12-hour LAX-to-Fiji leg of my trip, so I forked over my credit card. One last splurge before I take on the identity of a poor, goon-guzzling backpacker.

Also, what’s with people spending tons of money at the airport bar in the international terminal pre-flight? The booze is free once you’re in the air, even in coach. No, college girls, I don’t want to do $9 tequila shots with you, when I’m about to be in first class having champagne delivered through an IV drip.


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